School Uniform

We are fortunate to have an online ordering system for our school uniform.  Please click the link below to order your childs uniform and have it delivered to either school or your home address.

Click to order school uniforms ONLINE

Winter Uniform

  • Red polo shirt with school emblem
  • Grey skirt/pinafore dress or trousers 
  • Navy sweatshirt or cardigan with school emblem 
  • Sensible low-heeled shoes in black or navy blue, not trainers

Summer Uniform

As above, or substitute with: 

  • Red gingham dresses 
  • Grey shorts

PE Kit

  • White school PE T-shirt
  • Navy Rugby or Football style shorts 
  • Navy jogging bottoms (and school cardigan or jumper for cold weather. Hoodies are not permitted)
  • Black or dark coloured trainers
  • Plimsolls (Reception year only)


Children should NOT wear jewellery to school with the exception of one SMALL pair of stud earrings which must be removed for all PE or sporting activities. 

If children are unable to remove their own earrings, please ensure that they do not wear them on days when they will be involved in PE or sporting activities. If your child is having their ears pierced, please arrange for this to happen at the beginning of the summer holidays.

We ask that children refrain from wearing any other jewellery, with the exception of a Niamh's Next Steps wristband which children may choose to wear as a symbol of remembrance.  If your child wears a specific item of jewellery as part of their religion, a note must be sent into school informing us of this.  Please note that the school does not accept any liability for any jewellery whilst at school.

Please ensure that ALL uniform is named, including socks to ensure that your child's uniform does not get lost or find its way to the lost property box!

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