The National Literacy Strategy provides the basis for our teaching of Literacy however we take a creative approach to Literacy linking with theme and giving purpose to learning. This is taught daily, and develops the skills of written and verbal communication.

We aim to equip the children with the ability and confidence to express themselves with clarity. Through speaking and listening activities, we help children to sustain and develop their ideas and adopt active listening strategies.

Drama is used as a medium to learn across the curriculum, providing opportunities to improvise, work in role and perform. Children are encouraged to work collaboratively and join in group discussions; they are also taught the skills of critical analysis.

Children are equipped with the important skills necessary to read for both enjoyment and understanding. We aim to foster a love of reading and have a well-stocked library containing a broad range of both fiction and non-fiction books.

There is a progressive reading scheme that is used to support the teaching of specific reading strategies such as using phonics, visual and contextual clues.

Much time is spent during a typical week with reading opportunities, including individual, group and class reading.

All children have a reading book that they will bring home on a daily basis for you to share and enjoy with them.