Name Position
Mrs Amy HarrimanMrs Amy Harriman Teaching Assistant
 Mrs Caroline Bygrave Mrs Caroline Bygrave Teaching Assistant
Mrs Esther GrantMrs Esther Grant Teaching Assistant
Mrs Risha KhagramMrs Risha Khagram Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Lead
Mrs Aimee SavingMrs Aimee Saving Teaching Assistant
Mrs Donna WaltonMrs Donna Walton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie WilliamsMrs Julie Williams Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Natalie NewberyMrs Natalie Newbery Teaching Assistant
Miss Bev SmithMiss Bev Smith Teaching Assistant
Miss Mia SvenssonMiss Mia Svensson Teaching Assistant

Future Events

29 Sep
Authorify Club
Date 29 Sep 2021 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Series Weekly on Wednesday until December 8, 2021
19 Oct
Pupil Learning Conference
19 Oct 2021 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday until October 20, 2021
22 Oct
25 Oct
Half Term
25 Oct 2021 - 29 Oct 2021
5 Nov
New Intake Tour
05 Nov 2021 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
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