Welcome to Little Harrowden!

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At Little Harrowden, we are passionate about learning and aim for our children to grow as outstanding learners with the skills and confidence to take on whatever challenges the future may bring.

We provide a holistic education where importance is placed upon academic excellence as well as emotional, physical and ethical development.

Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff provide a caring and challenging environment in which children thrive. Children at Little Harrowden are happy and their behaviour is excellent.

We have around 208 children on roll aged 4-11, with one class in each year. We are a vibrant, forward-thinking school and retain a village-school ethos with a strong sense of community – something which the school has proudly achieved for over 350 years.

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What Ofsted Say...

  • All leaders and managers, including governors, have ensured that teaching and achievement remain good...
  • Positive relationships, between pupils themselves and with staff, mean the school is a harmonious community where all pupils thrive academically and socially.
  • Pupils make good progress whatever their circumstances or ability.
  • Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs achieve particularly well because the provision for them is of high quality.
  • The new National Curriculum has been successfully introduced, while maintaining existing strengths in what is taught. Teachers prepare activities for pupils which greatly interest and enthuse them.
  • Provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is particularly strong. Pupils are given a secure understanding of positive values to support their lives in modern Britain.
  • Pupils enjoy school and feel safe there. Their behaviour is good. They are keen to learn and work hard.
  • The staff use the school’s assessment system well to keep a careful track of pupils’ progress. They step in quickly with extra help if any groups or individuals are not doing as well as they should.
  • Children settle quickly when they start Reception, and feel confident and secure. They achieve well and enjoy learning.